Silk screen printing:

Fabric, plastic, metal, items
e.g. type shields, ice scrapers, pens, lighters, T shirts, umbrellas, bags, backpacks

Promotional and business gifts:

We use silk screen printing also for promotional and business gifts.


  • large format multi-colour printouts
  • plastic stickers
  • banners
  • window decals
  • posters
  • signs for exhibitions and fairs


Die-cut stickers and transfer tapes.


A durable finish for printouts, stickers, business cards and posters.


The price of silk screen printing consists of initial costs, film, inks and preparation.In printouts, die-cutting and laminating, prices depend on the size of the image, the number of copies required and the material used, among other things. The number of colours is not relevant, and with printouts there is no film required.
Can logo originals be reused?
We keep all logo originals in our database, and the printing film is also kept on file. If you make changes to the logo, a new film will have to be produced.


In order to quote you a price, we need an original of the image you require, saved in one of the following formats: .bmp, .jpg, .cdr (versions 7 to 12), .tif, .gif, .doc, .fh8-9, .pdf